Home Delivery

We are the only farm in the area that still delivers fresh milk!

The milk is produced, bottled and delivered from right here on the farm.

We deliver to different neighborhoods and towns once a week. Before your first delivery, please contact us to find out which day of the week we are in your town.



  • How much does Home Delivery cost?
    • The prices for our products are the same whether they are picked up at the farm store, or they are delivered to your home or business. The only difference is that there is a $5.25 delivery charge to have us bring our products to you.
  • Is there a deposit on the glass bottles?
    • No, there is no deposit charge on glass bottles that are delivered to your home. We just ask that you rinse and return your empty bottles in a timely manner.
  • What towns do you deliver to?
    • Right now, we are sticking to communities bordering our town of Lunenburg. However, we will expand as demand grows. If we aren’t in your town, and you want to be, fill out a contact us form, and we will save your contact info and let you know when we are in your town!
  • How should I receive my delivery?
    • We will make an effort to bring your order before you leave your home in the morning. If you are not home when we bring your order, we ask to you make arrangements to have your milk put in a refrigerator as soon as possible.